Our girls' home. I made this from some old tin left on our property, some scrap wood I had lying around, remnants from a timber mill, and a decaying sign from a defunct business. Our chickens; Snowy, Laverne, Mildred, and Little Red couldn't be happier!

Doing what I do.

Doing what I do.

Otter Hollow

I can build you a chicken coop...

My workshop is located in the foothills of North Georgia, about 45 miles from Atlanta and just half a mile from Lake Allatoona. I service the metro Atlanta area, providing home repairs and renovations. I have over 15 years of experience as a professional, and have spent a lifetime "fixing" things!

Otter Hollow Design was named one of the Top 5 Tiny House builders in the state of Georgia in 2017. We can build tiny spaces on trailers or on foundations. Your imagination is the only limit.

As a commercial subcontractor, I have worked on dozens of buildings and facilities across the state. See my portfolio page for a list of clients and pics. 

I have an English degree, which means virtually nothing...however, I've built a reputation of being a contractor that listens and communicates. 

Regardless of your needs, don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your next creative venture:

e-mail: otterhollowdesign@gmail.com                       phone:  678-642-3009  

In 2019, I will be expanding my territory to accept jobs in western North Carolina. We have a shop in Saluda, that enables me to work on jobs from Asheville to Greenville, SC and surrounding areas.                                              


Many thanks!