Funding the tiny house

I've really enjoyed the starting process of the tiny house. Unfortunately, I've got to make some cheddar to pay for it all. Over the past month I've been putting in some time at Haven Development's new retail/residential community in Alpharetta called Avalon. It is a concept that has had some traction in the metro Atlanta area. It is very upscale, and it's not exactly a place I want to live, but is a nice concept.

I've been working with Welborn-Henson on both the Crate & Barrel store and the El Felix Restaurant. El Felix is using a ton of reclaimed barn lumber. It is very rustic, and (from what I gather) very expensive. Working with irregular lumber doesn't mean you can be careless. In fact, they are so concerned about the "look" that we probably spend more time trying to perfect it than we would if we were using new lumber. We worked with some beams today that were very old and very dense. The growth rings were so tight that they were almost indiscernible. 

Crate & Barrel front elevation blueprints.