Time Crunch

Seems like all my blog entries have been the same lately; short on time to write much. Today is no exception. We have family coming in town next week, and, while it's not imperative that the tiny house get finished before then, we're hoping that the inside will be complete enough to have them (or us) stay in it. 

The weather continues to plague me. I've been working on a project in town the last couple of weeks, and it seems that every day I have an opportunity to work on the tiny house there is either a chance of rain, or it actually does rain. So, most of the progress has been done on the inside. I completed the loft this morning. In keeping with using as much reclaimed material as I can, I used #3 Red Oak flooring. Hardwood flooring comes in three grades, and #3 is basically the scraps and rejects from the better qualities. Pieces are either discolored, have checks and knots in them, or splits. It is used in rustic situations or in areas that appearance is not the top priority. While I'm looking for the rustic look, roughly 20% of the pieces are even unusable to me. I've used some of those pieces for the base trim. The scrap will be used for art projects, starting fires, or shaping a paddle for when Shannon doesn't behave!

I created an 8" guardrail out of the same 3/4" plumbing pipe I used for the handrail last week. It's not going to keep anyone from walking off the edge, but it feels a little safer up there, and it provides another hand hold when climbing up or down from the loft. If you do happen to trip over it, it will ensure that you land squarely on your head, thus preventing a lengthy recovery...

I'll be cleaning up the main floor in the next couple of hours to start on installing wood down there. We ordered the toilet, and it came in a couple of days ago. Haven't had the chance to try it out yet, but I'll post a detailed blog entry on that in the near future!

Here's a couple pics: