Almost finished!

The good news is that the tiny house is almost done. The bad news is that I now have a long "to do" list comprised of the things I've put off the last few months as I dedicated my spare time to the build!

We painted and landscaped last week, and it's really brought the place together! Some pics are on a new page I put on my website, and can be found here:

I'm excited, as we've been in contact with Alex at in the past week, and he's going to do a feature on our house tomorrow morning (Memorial Day)! His website has been a valuable resource when it comes to seeing what others are doing across the country and around the world with tiny/small spaces. "Like" his page on Facebook, too!

Thanks to those that have followed our project. I will still be updating this blog with finish details and other projects. Hopefully, I'll soon be building a small space for someone else!