Subfloor done

Ok, I'm in a little bit of a foul mood because our internet service has been having issues the past couple weeks. It's caused me to lose the last two blog posts, so I'm going to try and make it up with one post, and hope it uploads.

I bought all but one of the windows last week. I also ordered the sheathing for the walls and the roof, and it should arrive tomorrow. 

I got the subfloor finished on Wednesday, and added almost two feet to the trailer length by making a framed box on the front, and bolting 2x6s on the back. It went according to plan. Today, I started on the wall layout. I've got a temporary portion of wall that is standing, mainly just to get a feel for the dimensions. Pics speak more words than I can type.

This is a 16" extension I built that is supported by the framing of the trailer tongue and is bolted to the main frame. It does not affect the turning radius much at all.

The subfloor going over the extension. I had to make a layout of all the framing members under the subfloor, and whether they are wood or steel, so I know what fasteners to use when I can't see them anymore.

I gained a few inches on the back of the trailer by attaching 2x6s to the frame of the trailer with 1/2" lag bolts. 

I cut around the lights on the back of the trailer so I wouldn't have to relocate them.

The subfloor is finished.

I started framing the right side wall. I stood it up just to get perspective. I will be using some relatively new framing techniques on this build. 

I'll be using California Corners to join the walls. Insulation is important in a tiny house, and every little bit helps. Traditional 3 board corners leave the corner uninsulated.