Going UP

Picked up the ZIP panels from JP Haynes Lumber here in Canton. I've seen this on several commercial buildings around Atlanta, and several tiny houses on the 'net. However, it appears that I'm the only builder in this area to use them. Every employee there knew that I was the "tiny house" guy, and was curious about them. As I was working yesterday, one of the women that boards her horse at the horse farm next door stopped and told me she works for Huber, the manufacturer of the panels! Small world.

Because the side wall are so long, I'm having to put them up in sections. It wouldn't be difficult on a stationary house, but I need to kind of thread everything together to avoid any seams that are continuous. This helps avoid shifting and racking of the walls. It's kind of like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. 

This is the part of the build where it appears a lot is getting done. The prep work is boring to do and to follow along. It's alway cool when I start to build "up". 

Before I put the walls up, I made a pattern of the wheel wells, so that I can transfer it to the siding and sheathing for a perfect fit.

Here's the template in place after I cut it. I can just lay the template on the siding, ensuring that I won't screw up...at least that's the idea!

This stack of sheathing panels weighs almost a ton. 

Got some help from my favorite employee yesterday. Shannon also calms me down when things don't always go so perfectly. She's standing in what will be a 2'x3' window opposite the bathroom.