4,000 Nails

This has been a good week of progress, so far. Last week, I finished most of the sheathing on the exterior walls. I made the rest of the rafters, and installed most of them Friday, right before it got dark, and right before it was supposed to start raining. I was able to secure a couple of tarps over the rafters and avoided getting the inside wet, for the most part.

This week, I've had the help of a good friend who is home from college for the holidays. It has been perfect timing, as putting up roof sheathing is definitely a two-person job. We have concentrated on that the last few days, and just finished getting it all down today. We added a dormer window, which I think adds a nice element to the otherwise boring left side. 

Today, we put in the 4,000th nail since starting the project. I rarely start a job with fresh boxes of nails, but we did on this one, and between framing nails and sheathing nails, we hit the mark, and still have another 500-600 more to shoot! There's still a lot to do, but once the front end is sheathed, and the metal roof installed, we'll have a weather-tight shell to work in when/if the weather turns bad. 

The rain and dark were just about to hit when I got the tarp over the house on Friday.

An interior view after we started sheathing the roof.

Keller fastening aluminum straps over the ridge beam to tie the rafters together.

The roof is almost ready for the metal to be installed.  Still need to finish out the dormer with sheathing, and install the window. 

Still getting used to just how BIG this tiny house is!