1-27-17 Update

I've been slack about updating the site. Lots accomplished in the last couple weeks. I'm 95% done with the exterior. The roof is on, and all the cedar trim is installed. I've turned my attention to the interior this week. I installed the subfloor in the bedroom, and reinforced the storage solution under the bedroom. I've almost finished framing out the bathroom. This morning, I will finish putting the floor in the storage area above the bathroom. 

We are meeting tomorrow to go over the kitchen layout. We have mostly full-sized appliances, so it is proving to be a little tight in the kitchen. We'll be installing a combination washer/dryer that arrived on Wednesday. The next steps will be to run electric wire, after we have the kitchen layout done. I've already attached electric switch and outlet boxes in areas throughout the house where we know we'll need them. I need to install some bolts that secure the framing to the trailer. I've been procrastinating about doing that because it involves drilling through a couple of 2x4s, and a 6" steel tube, then having someone under the trailer, and one person inside, to tighten the bolts.  After that, I'll turn my attention to running plumbing supply lines. We can then start installing insulation.

The weather has been good this week. It's nice that it largely won't affect me much for the rest of the build, as I'll be inside. Another update to come early next week.

A rare pic of the other side of the house! There's a small buffer between the house and the woods, so it's hard to get in a good position to take a pic!

The exterior is mostly done.

I installed the french doors last week. They have blinds integrated between the exterior and interior glass - a nice choice by the homeowner. 

Trim detail around the dormer window. 

Started framing in the bathroom. There will be storage (accessible from the bedroom) above it.